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Using CYUSBSerial_SDK_Linux

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Hi All

I am trying to communicate from a Raspberry Pi, running linux, to a TI Evaluation unit (DLPDLCR3010EVM) which is using a Cypress CY7065215 USB to Uart Bridge chip. I only need to send simple byte commands and receive simple byte information.

I have the and libsub-1.0.9 for compiling the SDK library. I have built and run the test utility provided by the SDK and it connects to the TI EVM fine.

My problem is I can't figure out how to USE the library. The information on the SDK website (cypress) says that there are sample programs but there are not any except for the test utility and it is not very helpful. I have looked on line for examples/samples using the SDK to no avail. 

Does anyone have sample code or know where there is sample code that I might use? I know the VID and PID of the device, which interface # (VENDOR_I2C) I want to communicate, which slave address to write to, and I know the commands to write (DLPC3438 Sw Programmers Guide).

I would appreciate any help.

I should have mentioned that the program I am writing is a C program running on the Raspberry Pi.





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Please create a Tech Support Case with us, so that we can investigate on your query.


- Madhu Sudhan

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Thank you for replying. I am not saying that your SDK does not work, only that it is not clear how to apply the SDK. I was looking for a simple example that uses the SDK to connect to a known Cypress USB-Serial Bridge chip (known VID &PID and VENDOR_I2C) and sends hex commands to a specific I2C address. This is what is required to communicate with the Texas Instruments DLPDLCR3010EVM evaluation unit that we have.


Gary Waters

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