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USB 3.0

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We have been using the Cypress USB 2.0 microcontroller (e.g. CY7C68013A) in our device for quite along time. Our customers are asking for USB 3.0 (and have been for some time). Ideally we would like to continue using a Cypress chip in the next version of our device.

Could you please let me know the best estimate of when a Cypress USB 3.0 device chip will be available and also if/when a development environment will be available?




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I am also interested in this.

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 And I

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As Tom mentioned, FX3 is our USB 3.0 successor to FX2. This part should hit mass production in the October time frame.




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The CYUSB3014 is currently in Engineering Sample phase, so please contact your local Cypress Sales Representative to get more information, and to get on the list for samples and/or evaluation boards.

See more information here :





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