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SL811HS and USB high speed devices | Cypress Semiconductor

SL811HS and USB high speed devices

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Dear all,
 I'm implementing an USB Host using TI DM368 + SL811HS. 
 The embedded host can work properly now with USB Mouse, KB and some other low and full speed devices. The enumeration and data transfer processes are all OK. 
 But the problem occurs when I interface the host with high speed devices. The host can send Request Commands to device successfully, but cannot get data back. In a multiple-packet data stage, the host can only receive the first packet and all the following packet are missed.
 Please give me your hands. Thx.

Best Regards,
 姜 维

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SL811HS doesn't support High speed devices. 

So when the HS device is connected to FS host it will enumerate as FULL SPEED device. 

Does your device enumerated succesfully as FS device?Does it support FS operation?

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