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recuperate data from fx3 mcu to pc | Cypress Semiconductor

recuperate data from fx3 mcu to pc

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I'm using  two bladerf (tx and rx) to transfer continuous data from  tx to rx and i want to recuperate data stored in the fx3(rx) mcu in my computer . I was wondering which is the best program that allows me to do so ? 

 what I want to do is to save the data I get on the computer and use it to draw a graph (on matlab) and I need the graph drawing to be real time transfer 

can anyone help me plz by providing the suitable link of a source code example (firmware and host application)?

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If you are using Matlab, you can use the cyusb.dll library along with Matlab to create the host application. Also, you can refer the Slavafifo project for the firmware.


- Madhu Sudhan

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