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Problems with CY7C65213 when reading UART | Cypress Semiconductor

Problems with CY7C65213 when reading UART

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Hello Everybody,

I hope it's the right forum branch for posting.

I'm working with CYUSBS232 USB-UART LP Reference Design Kit which has CY7C65213 part installed . I've made a program in MS VIsual C++ 2008 that succesfully reads device parameters, opens device, operates GPIO pins and sends the data through UART via CyUartWrite(). However, when I want to read the data from UART and thus I call CyUartRead() API's function a breakpoint/exception is generated saying something about heap corruption (can't cite the exact message). Intrestingly, this doesn't happen if there's some data received in the input buffer - CyUartRead() returns CY_SUCCESS with correct data reading. I believe this is not a normal behaviour of CyUartRead(): in case of no data received it should simply CY_ERROR_IO_TIMEOUT saying timout has been reached.

Does anyone had similar problem? Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance

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 Hello Alexunder,

We have seen similar issue and this is issue with our cyusbserial library. I will check and provide you modified binaries which has fix. However, we will update our library including this fix in our next release.




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