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New Cypress HX2VL Hubs | Cypress Semiconductor

New Cypress HX2VL Hubs

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Cypress recently launched our new HX2VL low power HS USB hubs. They are available in 2/4 port configurations as well as Multi/Single TT options. For more information, visit the following page:


- Anup

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Hi Anup -

I'd like to get both the CY4607 and CY4608 boards for evaluation in a new design I'm working on in the consumer space.  I'd also like to get reference design schematics which are not freely available online.  Lastly, I'd like to have discussions with you and sales and AFE support about our design, quotes, lead times, etc. 


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Please create a tech support case (MyAccount -> MyCases) to get the beta version of the schematics. You can post your other queries as well through the case.



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