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How to program SPI EEPROM with the CY7C65620 in Linux ? | Cypress Semiconductor

How to program SPI EEPROM with the CY7C65620 in Linux ?

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We have a board with a CY7C65620 USB HUB connected to a M95080 SPI EEPROM.
The EEPROM is empty and we need the CY7C65620 USB HUB to program it.

The CY7C65620 datasheet states the following:
"If a blank EEPROM is connected, the hub enumerates as vendor defined
class instead of a hub class. This is for the purpose of programming
the EEPROM with the Cypress driver"

This triggers the following questions.

We want to program the SPI EEPROM with the CY7C65620. We have
linux up and running on our board, is there anyway this can be done from
linux ?

What is (and how to get) the Cypress driver ?

Will the USB HUB operate normally if it enumerates as a vendor defines
class (if EEPROM is blank) ?

Thanks in advance for any advice/answers.


Btw. the reason we need the CY7C65620 to program the SPI EEPROM
is that even though RSTN (pin 45) is set, the CY7C65620 still
pulls down SPI_CS and SPI_CLK. This makes it impossible for
another SPI master to access the SPI EEPROM.

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The USB request to be used to program the EEPROM can be found in the datasheet. You should be able to program it by sending it with appropriate config data.



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