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CY7C67200 linux driver

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Hi all,

I'd like to use the CY7C67200 in our design. I saw a linux driver in the mainline.

What is the status of this driver in the mainline kernel ?

Is there a board which support the CY7C67200 in HPI mode ?

I'd like to find an example in order to include the support of the CY7C67200 in my BSP.



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The Linux 2.6 driver in the mainline kernel is a root Hub driver.These were tested on Xilinx Kit with PPC405 hard core.There are a series of Xilinx kits  Vertex-4-ML403 Vertex-5-ML505  Vertex-6-ML605  all support HPI interface to CY7C67300.In terms of functionality CY7C67300 is identical to CY7C67200 except for a few differences . You can look into  Demo keyboard sample example at


Narayana Murthy M


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