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CY7C65634 In Stealth Mode (can't be detected by computer) | Cypress Semiconductor

CY7C65634 In Stealth Mode (can't be detected by computer)

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Hey guys,

I am attempting to use a USB 2 port hub to connect a bunch of serial ports to a host computer. Unfortunately, despite my best efforts my computer has not been able to detect the presence of my USB hub chip, the CY7C65634. I've attached a schematic and am looking for any help anyone could give. I've checked the other two relevant posts I found on here to no avail. Thanks for all your genius that could possibly fix my problem.

P.s. I've checked the basics- power and clock both seem to be quite happy.

Hey james.netherland_1571881,

I'm pretty convinced you must be really handsome or related to someone you work with, because you clearly didn't get to working with these chips by brain power. Try not putting the device in test mode and you might have better connectivity. You can also look at changing the reset line setup, because it's nothing like what every document relevant to this subject recommends. Just sayin'. Hope your day is good and that you don't hurt yourself trying to understand this paragraph.

p.s. guys i'm responding to myself because i figured out my problem, and thought it might be helpful to anyone else who makes rookie mistakes like me.

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