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CY7C65213 - VCP issues

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Hi there, 

My component distributor decided to not stock the FTDI's for a while so i decided to give the CY7C65213 a spin as they have the same PIN layout. I'm sorry to say but i have had nothing but frustrations so far.

* Why does does the IC trigger Windows to initialize and download the drivers with almost every reconnect ?

* I can't get the VCP to work at all. The port is visible but it keeps saying that the drivers are not installed. I uninstalled all my other COM drivers without any success. I tried reinstalling the SDK and even the standalone drive package multiple times. Rebooted after every attempt and all without any success.


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We resolved the issue mentioned with our latest driver release both on web and through Microsoft Update. 


Link for USB-serial SDK which includes driver installer:



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