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Wrong USB VID/PID found when connecting CY7C68023 | Cypress Semiconductor

Wrong USB VID/PID found when connecting CY7C68023

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Recently I designed a small usb key using the CYC68023 IC (marked in the package silkscreen). When I plug it to the usb port in windows 7 it appears in the usb devices list, but its VID/PID doesnt match the correct ones (04B4 - 6813). Instead, it shows 04B4 - 8613... which I found it matches with the CY7C68033 IC! 

The device is shown with the label "Cypress FX2 - No EEPROM (0x8613)"

Using the NX2LP programmer for the 033 part it sees the NAND IC and I can program it, but Windows isn't able to format it correctly.... any clue?

Thanks in advance.

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 Hi Gonzalo,


Are you using NX2LP (CY7C68023 / 33) DVK i.e. NX2LP daughter board mounted on top of FX2LP board? Or is it your custo board with NX2LP chip alone? Also, how are you saying that 0x6813 is the correct PID? we are not using 0x6813 PID for anything? Are you programming it with that particular PID? Please clarify.




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