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will the FIFO pointer increase after send data to FIFO by EPxFIFOBUF? | Cypress Semiconductor

will the FIFO pointer increase after send data to FIFO by EPxFIFOBUF?

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 hi, Sir/ Madam

 now I want to use the GPIF to collect data from an ADC.  every convertion will product 6 words of data. These data will be write into the FIFO(e.g. using the EP2). I know the FIFO pointer will increase after the data bus on "Activate". 

but I have to give a time stamp before the 6 words  be writed into the FIFO. I want to use EPxFIFOBUF to accomplish this goal.

however, I am afraid the GPIF will overlap the time stamp. 

If I  use the EPxFIFOBUF, like 

EPxFIFOBUF[3] =12;

EPxFIFOBUF[4] = 14;

atfer this opration, will the FIFO pointer point to the EPxFIFOBUF[5], or the FIFO pointer won't have any different?

by the way, can I use the FIFO pointer directly in the 8051? Like what the GPIF do.

thanks a lot!



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Accessing the buffer while using GPIF has to do with the mode of operation you're in (auto mode or manual mode). Even in that case you won't be able to play with the buffer in the way you're suggesting. GPIF will start writing from location 0.
What is the transfer speed you're looking at?
Go through the GPIF chapter for more details

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