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What am i supposed to handle of IOC of fx2lp? | Cypress Semiconductor

What am i supposed to handle of IOC of fx2lp?

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I trying to slave fifo in fx2lp 56pin.

And i now see the following example about slave fifo.

But i don't know what whether IOC used to output or input.


Could you please let me now about the direction of "IOC" ?

Also, what is different between "IOC & 0x02" and "IOC|=0x01"? i don't know what they have meaning.




void TD_Poll( void )

if(!(IOC & 0x02))


done_frm_fpga = 1;


if ((done_frm_fpga) && (IOC & 0x02))


IFCONFIG = 0x03;


IOC|=0x01; //output 1 on PC.0...SYNC signal is HIGH 


done_frm_fpga = 0;



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In fw.c you can see that PC.0 is configured as an Output pin and PC.1 as input as below:


OEC|=0x01; //PC.0 as output (SYNC signal)


OEC&=0xFD; //PC.1 as input (Clock changing signal)




It is the OEC register that determines which pin of port C acts as input, and which as output. 




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