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USB device not detected

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I am trying to run a USB sample program on CY8C24894 device. I made a new board and the device on the board is prorgammed fine wiht PSoC miniprorgammer. However USB is not detected by the PC. I created a new project absed on the AN50989

The same program created for CY8C24794 on the development board does works fine

I duplicated the following for my device from AN50989:

1] Sample C program

2] POrt connections as in GUI setup

3] USB setup for HID device class

I downloaded another sample application for this device . This time PC detects the USB and installs device driver. Howvever, when I am trying to access the device through GUID interface, I get VID=0 and PID=0.

I donot know if I am missing something.

I would apprecite your help.

Thanks in advance.


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