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SuiteUSB software problems

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I'm trying to use SuiteUSB.NET 2.0 to develop a simple console application in Visual Studio 2005. My goal is to create a console application that will toggle on and off the LEDs on the Cypress Dev. Board using the keyboard. I'm not sure, but it seems like SuiteUSB is the best way to go about it.

Anyway, I've thus far been unable to have the USBDevice.Count method return anything but 0, even when the Dev. Board is plugged in. I thought the line:

USBDeviceList usbDevices = new USBDeviceList(CyConstDEVICES_CYUSB);

should add all devices currently using the CyUSB.sys driver into the device list. I read there may be a problem with registering the driver or something, but I have no idea how to resolve it.

I appreciate any help, thank you,


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This is because the driverguid is not registered in the registry... in the inf file there would be a section where you have to add your own driverguid and uncomment the addreg part section of inf too... i heard suiteusb3.4 is better... why haven't u switched to that....

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