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Send data via Isochrone transfert with Cypress API | Cypress Semiconductor

Send data via Isochrone transfert with Cypress API

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Hi everyone,

The datasheet of the Cypress API can be found here :

I want to send data via USB using Isochone transfert. But the example does not work :

CCyUSBDevice *USBDevice = new CCyUSBDevice();
CCyIsocEndPoint *IsoIn = USBDevice->IsocInEndPt;
if (IsoIn) {
LONG bufSize = 4096;
PUCHAR buffer = new UCHAR[bufSize];
CCyIsoPktInfo *isoPktInfos;
int pkts;
// Allocate the IsoPktInfo objects, and find-out how many were allocated
isoPktInfos = IsoIn->CreatePktInfos(bufSize, pkts);
if (IsoIn->XferData(buffer, bufSize, isoPktInfos)) {
LONG recvdBytes = 0;
for (int i=0; i<pkts; i++)
if (isoPktInfos[i].Status == 0)
recvdBytes += isoPktInfos[i].Length;
delete [] buffer;
delete [] isoPktInfos;

No data are sent...

Any suggestions ?


Thanks :)

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Please take a look at the Streamer exaple that comes as part of Cypress SUiteUSB. You can find that at the location "C:\Cypress\Cypress Suite USB 3.4.4\CyAPI\examples\Streamer" after installing SuiteUSB ( 




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