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I use S EEPROM command from EZ-USB UI to flash my 4096byte 16bit adress EEPROM and it works.

But if I understand it correctly S EEPROM is implemented to program only 8bit small EEPROM's.

Why does it work in my case?

Thanks, Malik

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After doing this, is ur firmware booting correctly??? if you take a look at vend_ax... the vendor command used for programming small eeprom is a2 and that for programming large eeprom is a9... there is a switch case statement and you can see that a2 vendor command just falls through... i.e execution algorithm of S EEPROM and LgEEPROM request is the same the only difference is that at the start S EEPROM sets the firmware to use single byte address... Here is what you can do... do a A9 IN request and read the flashed image stored in the EEPROM... compare it with the image you used to flash that EEPROM....

they won't be the same....

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