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Reading GPIF transaction counter | Cypress Semiconductor

Reading GPIF transaction counter

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In FX2LP, transaction counter can be read while transaction is in progress. Is there a way to make an "atomic" read of the all 4 transaction count registers? Otherwise reading them is useless, because if an update occurs in between of read operation, the data read would be corrupted

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You should be able to read those 4 transaction registers at any point of time. I don't think data gets corrupted just because we are reading them. Did you encounter any situation where the data of these registers got corrupted?. Please let me know.


sai krishna.

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Suppose transaction count contains 0x00FFFF00.  I read lower byte - it is 0x00. Before I read other bytes, a transaction occors, and count now contains 0x00FFFEFF. And the final value I read is 0x00FFFE00 - totally wrong.

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Why do you want to read the transaction counter while there is a read/write operation is going on?
Are you somewhere in the firmware reading the values and doing any operations according to the values?
You can rather use FIFO Read/Write operation appropriately.

What are you exactly trying to implement with this logic?


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