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Reading EP1 with CyUSB-IOCTL | Cypress Semiconductor

Reading EP1 with CyUSB-IOCTL

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Iam working with the EzUSB driver since a long time. Now Iam switching to CyUSB Driver. Everything is working fine except reading data through EP1. With the EzUSB it was no problem to read/write the bidir EP1 since there are different IOCTL's for reading/writing and the driver handles the direction. I couldn't find this feature in the CyUSB driver because there is only the xx_SEND_NON_EP0_xx IOCTL. This is OK for EP2..EP8 since the direction is determined in the config but EP1 is BIDIR by nature, writing works perfect but reading doesn't..Question: is there any way to switch the direction of EP1?

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