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questions abut slave fifo

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        1.I try to configure endpoint 2 to be 1024 bytes,quad-buffer,bulk in mode.but after I writing more than 4096 bytes into the fifo , there are only 2048 how can I take advantage of the whole 4KB fifo in bulk transfer with only one endpoint?

        2,Can the auto in slave fifo be configured to be intrerrupt trannsfer mode?

        3,On running the FIFORESET,what operation would happen to the CY7C68013? Will the FIFO are filled with 0? Or only some registers and status of the chip have been changed?How much time would this take? 

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1. In high speed bulk endpoint can have a max size of 512 byte. Do not configure it for 1024 bytes.

2. Yep. You can configure it as interrupt endpoint as well.

3. It brings the FIFO into a valid state. The register description in the TRM should make the purpose and how each bit works very clear.



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