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Question about an61345

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In TD_poll() of slave.c of An61345 example firmware code,

The IOC used like this  IOC |=0x01  But i dont understand. 

As i know, The IOC 's i/o initial direction is used by input. 

So IOC register can read on input direction, but example code show that IOC can write like this  IOC |=0x01. 

Is this something wrong what write data to input register ?

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In fw.c you can see that PC.0 is configured as an Output pin and PC.1 as input as below:


OEC|=0x01; //PC.0 as output (SYNC signal)


OEC&=0xFD; //PC.1 as input (Clock changing signal)




It is the OEC register that determines which pin of port C acts as input, and which as output. 





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