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Problem with CY7C68024 | Cypress Semiconductor

Problem with CY7C68024

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I made a board with CY7C68024 and two memories NAND128W3A2 (from ST). It's designed according to a developement kit from Cypress. When I run a NX2LP Programmer Utility I can set type of memories etc. but if it try to create a FAT on chip, it's stopped immediately and show message "FAT32 formatting failed". I don't know what can I do whit this problem.

Thank you very much.

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i encountered the same thing as you said. My board is with Cy7c68033, and followed the Schematic in development kit CY3686. If your problem solved?

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It means it is not able to write a configuration block with the data.... were you asked to enter the parameters i.e block size, number of page etc etc or did it just came up with the name directly???

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