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Problem with CY7C68013A | Cypress Semiconductor

Problem with CY7C68013A

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I am a beginner of using CY7C68013A. I have tried to use bulkloop example to test my CY7C68013A board. It can be run and connected to PC properly. Then, I try the cystream example, after I downloaded the complied hex file using Control Center. The board cannot be recognized as Cypress device in both the control center and cystreamer in PC, but the driver can run without problem.

How can I solve this? Thank you very much.

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Are you able to see the device in the device manager under the "USB Controllers" section? If not, you have to manually bind the driver via device manager.


- Madhu Sudhan

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I need linux drivers for CY7C68013A_56LTXC . I want your help! Please send me them via Email. 

Thanks in advance for you cooperation.

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