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Old Cyconsol has Important initializing packets for more speed. | Cypress Semiconductor

Old Cyconsol has Important initializing packets for more speed.

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I'm working CY7C68013. EP6IN is using to upload 32MB datas.
Now, it has 20MBs speed.
But in my some test, It can transfer 40MBs.
Below is that .

1. run cyconsole (ver 2003) -> run user application
   : 40MBs

2. only user application
   : 20MBs

To analyze this difference , I've used HHD USB monitor.

cyconsole has more 4 pacekts better than example host program.
"Select interface" with interface number, alternate setting.

recent version of Cyconsole is same to example host code.
But old version has more initializing packets.

Captured USB monitor has attached to this posting.

Q1. What do can I work for better speed?

Q2. with CyApi.lib , Can I send these command to 68013?
     I can't it myself.



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I've got moer test results.

In test, 1MB data was uploaded.

When Old cyconsole has initialized , 1MB data are upload by One packet in USB monitor.

But Host Example has runed, 1MB data are separated with 4096bytes packets.
Thus It has lower uploading speed.

I don't have more technical knowledge for USB protocol.
Do you have any solution for this result?

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The problem has solved.


In host program, bleow code has same result to Cyconsole's Select Interface packets.



    b1=USBDevice->SetAltIntfc(0);    // <---This sends Select Interface packet to MCU


Why does it can get more speed? I don't understand cause exactly.


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How many interface, alternate settings does your device have?

The device by default is expected to go to alternate setting 0. Are you saying that you are able to achieve more speed just by setting the device to alternate setting 0?



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