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Need help: wrong Vendor & Product ID programmed | Cypress Semiconductor

Need help: wrong Vendor & Product ID programmed

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Hi there,

I need some help with an issue I have. To run an EZ-USB FX2 I have compiled my own custom request firmware file. To test it, I have downloaded it to the FX2 USB device. But unfortunately I made a mistake with my firmware and the device is now set up with Vendor ID 0x0000 and Product ID 0x0000. Of course, Windows 7 does not recognize it anymore and the driver does not work. How am I able now to download the right firmware file?

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I think you have downloaded the firmware to an I2C EEPROM on the board, right?

You can short the SDA line to ground when the board is being powered up, thereby forcing a failure when the Fx2 is trying to read the EEPROM contents. This will make the Fx2 enumerate in bootloader mode. You can then download another firmware.

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