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Nand flash layout and Eeprom issue | Cypress Semiconductor

Nand flash layout and Eeprom issue

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 Hi!  I have a couple of questions about the CY7C68023 nand flash controller.

1. Can I connect a 2Gbytes Dual-Die Nand Flash? Datasheet says that it only supports 1Gbyte max. size ones... I think It refers to 1Gbytes max per Chip Enable, so if I connect a 2Gbytes dual-die one (it needs 2 CE lines) it should work correctly... am I wrong?

2. Is the spi eeprom really needed? I'd like to design a very simple USB 2.0 mass storage device (2Gbytes size) and I think I could use the default rom values... 

Kind regards.

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1. Yep. Your understanding is right.

2. The part you're referring to is NX2LP and it does not support EEPROM at all. I'm confused as to which document you're referring.



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