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Multiple usb device to work at same time | Cypress Semiconductor

Multiple usb device to work at same time

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    I want to ask : can I create two threads for the two usb device, and the two usb devices work at the same time。
    I find (Home › Cypress Developer Community › Forums )
    A developer said : you cannot communicate with two devices at the same time using CyAPI.lib.
    Now, Actually, I use two usb devices, One thread one device, another thread to another device.
    when I open second usb device by USBDevice->Open(1),the first device will be closed?
    in the C++ helpful doc (CyAPI.chm), When Open( ) is called, it first checks to see if the CCyUSBDevice object is already opened to one of the attached devices. If so, it calls Close( ), then proceeds.
    It means that, at first I can't USBDevice->Open(0) in the first thread, and then USBDevice->Open(1) in the second thread.

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I think opening one device does not require to close the other. Control center, streamer supports more than device at a time, but data transfer is not possible.

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