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Looking for driver developer

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Is anyone on this forum an expert in developing Windows driver software that interfaces with the Cypress FX2?  Or possibly someone could recommend somebody?  We currently have a working driver but are running into compatibility issues depending on the version of Windows and the client's configuration.  Possibly we need to go through WHQL testing to handle this.  If there is someone with experience in this area please let me know.



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If your application does not need ISO data streaming, you may take a look at the winusb driver. This driver works great, is available on all Windows versions since XP and is already signed by MS. You have to sign your inf file only for use under x64 Windows. No WHQL test is needed, but possible.

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have a look here:

we have expirience with whql and the FX2, we made allready WHQL Drivers for the FX2.



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