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libusb on FX2LP

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I am working on USB 2.0 high speed device (Cy7C680-13A). I am interfacing a CMOS camera with the usb controller for live streaming purpose through USB. 

The system works fine once I test the device with a dotnet application written using CyUSB.dll framework. 

I tried replacing the host application with a libusb0.1 version in linux. With libusb0.1, the system goes out of sync. 

My system uses high speed communication. Hence meeting the USB 2.0 high speed is required. Will the libusb0.1 support usb 2.0 high speed ? Is there any application note which uses libusb libraries for USB 2.0 high speed bulk transfer through FX2LP device ? 

Do you have a open source linux version of CyUSB framework.  ? 

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Please find the latest FX3 SDK vers 1.2 ( which has added Linux support. It will work for FX2LP as well.




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