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Interface Cypress USB with STM32F2xx | Cypress Semiconductor

Interface Cypress USB with STM32F2xx

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 I have a Cypress USB EZUSB FX2 Development kit, I would like to know how can I interface it with my STM32F2xx???

Is there any application note that I can follow, to implement my firmware in STM32F2xx???

I want to know how should I configure my STM32F2xx port settings???

I will be using parallel communication between Cypress and STM

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We don't have application note to interface with STM32F2 series MCUs. 


As you want to implement the parallel communication you can either use slave FIFO or GPIF mode of FX2LP.


Please refer  application note AN61345 (slave FIFO mode of FX2LP).


This application note is for interfacing spartan 6 with FX2LP.



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