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How To Extend the number and size of FIFO In CY7C68013A | Cypress Semiconductor

How To Extend the number and size of FIFO In CY7C68013A

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From CY's datasheet, The total size of FIFO is 4K, and EP2,EP6 can be armed with 4x512 FIFO in Bulk-IN transfer

In my application, Sensor is connected to 68013 directly. In other word, data of sensor is filled into 68013's FIFO without FPGA or SDRAM.

My configuration in 68013 as following:

EP2 IN 4x512 FIFO Auto-In AUTOLENH=0x02 AUTOLENL=0x00

I've make many test, I found the data will be discarded when PC's xfer is not steady

But, I found the size of discarded is not big. So, if the FIFO of 68013 is bigger than 2K(such as 4K), it will be better.

So, I want to know "How To Extend the number and size of FIFO In CY7C68013A"

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It is not possible to increase teh single EP FIFO size to greater than 2k in FX2LP. You may consider FX3/ USB 2.0 counter parts of FX3.




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Hi Shaquille,

You can keep your endpoint as an ischronous endpoint and configure EP2 in 1024 x 4 buffer size. This corresponds to mode 12 of the EZ-USB endpoint buffer configuration. Refer Figure 1-17  EZ-USB Endpoint Buffers of the EZ-USB Technical Reference Manual.

This might be able to solve the problem. 

Another way to do it to use the Asynchronous mode of acquiring data in the host application. You can see that the Streamer example application provided with SuiteUSB 3.4.7 is an example of how to achieve maximum throughput from the host side. 
This way you can take maximum advantage of the USB host and achieve higher throughput.

You can in fact check your device (fx2lp+sensor) with the streamer application and see if you are loosing any data then.




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