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How can i use xferdat in slavefifo mode? | Cypress Semiconductor

How can i use xferdat in slavefifo mode?

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If i want to translate data  to host in slave fifo mode, how can i setting xferdata function parameter in application program?

Also , could you please let me know how cancomunicate between host and fx2 in slavefifo?

Specially, if fx2 fifo have full, what mechanism is working?

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Hi dv2,

If you are using Bulk transfers then following is the example function call to read data from the FX2LP device.

if (USBDevice->BulkInEndPt)
USBDevice->BulkInEndPt->XferData(buf, length, NULL, true);

Please refer to CyAPI.pdf for more details on XferData().

Incase if you are OK with asynchronous transfers then you can refer to "streamer" application source code that comes along with the Cypress suite USB.


sai krishna.

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