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GPIF single read write transaction | Cypress Semiconductor

GPIF single read write transaction

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Hi Cypress team,

             I implemented the firmware code to do a single read write transaction by using GPIF internal master.  But the waveforms designed using GPIF designer seems not re-generate while executing the code flow.  Used CRO to probe the CS# and WR# signals.  Verified the code flow through Serial port given by the Cypress. I have tested the sample code provided by the cypress also (for single read write transact).  This also failed produce the waveforms designed by gpif designer utility.  I have attached the zip file for the sample source given by cypress (Copy of FX2_to_extsyncFIFO GPIF Single and Implemented code by us (  Please help me on this.



Karthick PH

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Can you please create a tech-support case for this issue? Our apps team would be better suited to assist you. You can create a case by clicking on "My Account" -> "MyCases" in the menu bar on top.




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