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Getting started with Cypress USB

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Hi, I would like to use cypress for one of my DAQ boards to interface it to PC.

Can you guys point me to some links where I can find getting started documents/reference designs etc.

I have used the MAX3420E Full speed usb interface chip. I am not sure how it compares with Ez USB other than speed, like coding complexity etc.

I used an FPGA to program/configure the MAX3420. I think cypress has a chip without the 8051, which is meant to be interfaced with FPGAs, uC etc.

I am trying to decide between the chip without 8051 and with 8051.

what tools do I need to program the 8051.

Thanks for your patience.

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I have the same problem like you. I want to use the CY7C68013A controller, but don't know in which way. Have you find some good documents, or have any othher person some suggetions how can I start with this controller.

Please give me some help.

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Getting a development kit is the easiest way. Cypress sells one for around 400$. If thats not an option, I came across another company which makes USB kit for cypress -

More USB 2.0 kits -

Some getting started notes -

Basically, you need to write your code and download it to 8051. The popular tools are keil and sdcc(small device C compiler).

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