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FX2LP for JTAG and UART | Cypress Semiconductor


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 I have two development kits for the PSoC5 (the first touch kit, and the CY8C kit). Both of the development boards have an FX2LP controller on them, which can be used to program the PSoC. I'm assuming this is done by doing some sort of USB to JTAG conversion. Please excuse my question if it seems basic. I'm new to USB, so I would appreciate any help on this:

I want to use one mini-USB port both for programing (JTAG), and communications (e.g. UART, or something that shows up as a com-port on the computer). Is this possible with the FX2LP chip? I'm assuming the FX2LP is a specialized microcontroller that can be programmed to achieve any sort of USB conversions. Is this right? If it's not possible, can I somehow share the miniUSB port between the FX2LP and some sort of FTDI usb-serial chip? It would be great to do this without having to use a jumper or multiple miniUSB ports. Also, does cypress provide firmware for any of these kinds of applications?



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Yep. FX2LP is doing more than just USB to UART. should get you started on the Virtual COM port (USB to UART).


Even if you're looking for a separate USB to UART solution we're coming up with one (CY7C64225) which should be available for order within next couple of weeks.



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