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FX2LP fails to enumerate | Cypress Semiconductor

FX2LP fails to enumerate

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I have three identical FX2LP boards, one of which works fine, the other two fail to enumerate. Has anyone got any hints for things I can try (hardware and/or software) to discover what's up?

The working board enumerates like this:

The non-working boards are detected as high-speed devices:

...but fail to respond to the host's descriptor requests:

The hardware is pretty minimal:

1) 56-pin SSOP CY68013A (1st bad board) and CY68014A (2nd bad board)

2) D+, D- & GND connected to USB

3) Reset circuit: 22nF capacitor charged through 100K resistor

4) Clock circuit: 24MHz crystal and a pair of 22pF capacitros

5) Two 22nF decoupling capacitors

6) External 3.3V PSU

7) Everything else unconnected (for now)

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Never mind, I fixed it.


I noticed a design fault in my schematic - the SDA line has a removable link to allow the FX2 to be isolated from its EEPROM. Unfortunately, the pull-up on the SDA line is on the EEPROM side, not on the FX2 side as it should be. So the SDA line on the FX2 was floating. I soldered in the link and all is well. I guess since SDA was left floating the startup behaviour is undefined; it just happened to work on one board and not on the others.

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Thank you for posting the fix. It might be useful for others with similar issues.




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