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fx2lp-CY7C68013A/CY7C68015A linux side support for building firmware | Cypress Semiconductor

fx2lp-CY7C68013A/CY7C68015A linux side support for building firmware

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Just a heads up on the product we already have..The product has a cypress CY7C68013A (USB controller) and is working on windows. We are planning to add support for the linux distrubutions also.

Few questions regarding this requirement:

1) Do we have any support for building the USB Firmware on linux side from Cypress?

2) What about the tools to test the firmware on linux host?

3) Do we have any example projects to give an idea about the same?

4) What about the linux drivers for CY7C68013A series of chips like the one we have for windows( cyusb.lib/dll)?

5) Any supporting documents to start compling code in linux?





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 Did you find solution for this problem ??

I've the same problem, how can I preflashing the NAND controller for linux like the "NX2LP NAND Programming Utility" ??

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 You can build firmware with SDCC, although I don't believe it is source compatible with Keil.

There is also which has helper routines for various things.

You can use libusb to send commands to your device - I use it as well as the python bindings for testing.


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This is late for this thread, but this guy ported some of the samples for the Keil compiler to SDCC and Linux:

We don't have the funds for the Keil compiler so I'm working with SDCC in Windows.  My firmware is based on his code and it is mostly working.  Still one bug...


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