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FX2LP chip always becomes unresponsive (frozen) | Cypress Semiconductor

FX2LP chip always becomes unresponsive (frozen)

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We are using the CY7C68013A-128AXC chip and it will always become unresponsive (frozen) after transferring data for a "random" period of time.

Sometimes it will become unresponsive after 5 minutes of operation, sometimes it will become unresponsive during the 1st minute, sometimes it will run for 3 days before it becomes unresponsive.....the chip will always freeze, but we never know when!

Once the chip is frozen (unresponsive), the software on the PC cannot talk to it anymore - not even CyConsole.

We know it is not a firmware bug because if we simply request something stupid in the firmware, we simply get a timeout and the API will return a "false" in our C# code, but the chip still remains "live" - we can still see and talk to it.

Any ideas?

Thanks very much



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Hi David,

By any chance do you have a CATC trace of this scenario? Just to understand what is happening at the bus level.

When you say the software on the PC is not able to talk to the device what is the behavior you're observing?



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