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Down to basics, how to get started

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Hi all,
First of all: I am such a novise that I'm almost afaid of posting in this forum. Please have patience with me My experience with assembly code is next to nothing.
I would like to get started making a simple HID SUB devise. Just to find out how thing works, it could be a box with a button that is starting a routine in Windows when pressed.
So my questions are:
1. What USB controller is the easiest to start with?
2. What demo-board should I use?
3. What software should I use for writing code to the USB controller?
4. Is there any good reading material over the subject that you may refer to?

I'm sure there will be a 100 more questions, and I'm open to all input, advise and suggestions you might have!

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Try going through the collaterals of encore series of chips... they're easier to make HID devices with....

Also try going through the hid_kb example that comes with FX2LP DVK(Cy3684).... both have their set of software... having a glance at the trm is the best way to get started....

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Lovely, I'll give it a shot

Thank you!

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