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Development tools for FX2LP? | Cypress Semiconductor

Development tools for FX2LP?

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Last summer, after hearing for months that Cypress was going to have an Eclipse based development tool for the FX2LP, I downloaded version 0.0.0 of the "Cypress EZ-USB Suite". The software was incredibly buggy, and obviously only paid lip-service to the FX2LP, but I managed to get it working and do some useful development with it.

Checking back now, I find no mention of these tools for the FX2LP, but only the Cypress EZ-USB FX3 software,

Does the new package include support for the FX2LP?

Was there ever an update to the 0.0.0 release of the EZ-USB Suite that did support the FX2LP? Is there a link to it somewhere? 


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