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Data transfer in Isochronous mode | Cypress Semiconductor

Data transfer in Isochronous mode

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I download the Firmware(Isochronous) using Cypress Console EZ-USB interface and check the get pipe info as

Get PipeInfo

Pipe: 0 Type: ISO Endpoint: 2 OUT MaxPktSize: 0x400

Pipe: 1 Type: ISO Endpoint: 6 IN MaxPktSize: 0x400

I am transferring the data through ISO TRANS pipe 0 with 1024 length, Packet size 1024 with 1 packet with the same hardware used for Bulk mode.

Isoc OUT Transfer

Isoc OUT failed

Would anybody tell me why the transfer get failed?

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Transfer size in a ISO transfer using CYUSB must be multiple of 8 times of maximum packet size of endpoint.

which means in your case it must be 8*1024=8192.


Good luck.


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