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CyUSB.dll in MATLAB: problems at indexing a device_list | Cypress Semiconductor

CyUSB.dll in MATLAB: problems at indexing a device_list

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 Hi everybody, and thank you again for your help.

I managed loading the .NET CyUSB.dll library in MATLAB with the command NET.addAssembly.

Then, I also managed creating a list of devices, with:

devList = CyUSB.USBDeviceList(CyUSB.CyConst.DEVICES_CYUSB);

which is something like a MATLAB transposition of the C# code provided in the reference guide for the .dll.

The output demonstrates that a device has been found ( devList.Count outputs '1'), but I cannot access the first element of the list.

devList(0) is simply not allowed, and MATLAB itself suggests using an "Item" method. So if I use:

devList.Item(0) MATLAB crashes.

I'm pretty sure that this should be the procedure: devList.Item(1), for example, outputs an error saying that I went out of range. devList(1204, 4100), makes MATLAB crash again (note: those numbers are the decimal value of VID and PID of the connected device), while devList(whatever other couple of numbers) just outputs an empty string.

I didn't manage getting an error log from MATLAB.

Is there anything wrong with my approach? Is there a way to solve this issue? Somebody, a few time ago, posted a problem quite similar to mine, here in this forum ( but I don't know if he managed to get it working.

Thank you very much for your help!


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I have a similar problem. Have you been able to fix your Problem?



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Hi Alermto,


I remember seeing the same problem. But I do remember that something inexplicable happened and it started to work. 

I assumed it was some library linking magic (that is still inexplicable).

I know this is ambiguous and might not help much, nor am I a MATLAB expert. Can you try placing the .NET function in the Control Panel and link it to 

If possible add the Matlab project here?




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 I meant link to Cyusb.dll.


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Has anyone figured this out yet? I am currently stuck at the same step. I put CyUSB.dll in the same directory as my matlab .m file:


  CyUSBdll = NET.addAssembly('C:\......\CyUSB.dll');
catch error
        disp('CyUSB.dll already loaded');

% Create a list of USB devices
usbDevices = CyUSB.USBDeviceList(CyUSB.CyConst.DEVICES_CYUSB);

% USB Device Count
num_usbDevices = usbDevices.Count;  % <=== returned 1 when the device is plugged in, 0 when it's not. 

usbDevice = usbDevices.Item(0)      % <===== matlab crashes here.

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did you manage to figure it out ? I need to develop a similar application

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 Does anyone here has idea about how to interface Matlab to cyusb driver? I am working on building communication between Matlab and CY7C68013, but haven't got any good idea...


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We haven't tested CYUSB in matlab.


For importing any dll into matlab please refer the link




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 cyusb_lib = NET.addAssembly('d:\Matlab\FX3\CyUSB.dll')   %Load the dll from wherever it is on your computer


devList = CyUSB.USBDeviceList(CyUSB.CyConst.DEVICES_CYUSB);    % Fill a USBdeviceList object with all the details of the devices using the cypress driver


%you probably need to create callback functions for usb events (I called mine FX3_attach and FX3_detach). I haven’t made them useful yet but mine just looked like


function ret = FX3_detach(sender, args )

'detach callback called'

args.FriendlyName  % prints the name of the device that was detached



then you can attach the listener using:

hAttached = addlistener(devList,'DeviceAttached', @FX3_attach);          

hDetached = addlistener(devList,'DeviceRemoved', @FX3_detach);


% You can test the callbacks by pressing the reconnect button on the Cypress Control Centre


%loop through all the devices to find the one you want

for i=0: (devList.Count -1)

if ( devList.Item(i).FriendlyName == ‘Cypress FX3 USB BootLoader Device’);    % or whatever you set the name to, could alternatively check Item(i).ProductID == 243

                myDev = handle(devList.Item(i));






myEndpts = handle(myDev.Endpoints);  % seems to be much easier if you create a handle to the endpoints as only the first of each type is automatically listed. while with a handle you can select any of them

myEndpts.Length   %tells you how many you have


% myEndpts(1) should be the control endpoint


%for my code endpoints 3 and 4 are setup as bulk out and bulk in. they are also set to loopback data. So to send in data


myEndpts(3).XferData(data, length(data));


%to receive data you need to set up a byte array first


rxBuffer = NET.createArray('System.Byte',  length(data));    % fine as long as the length of the buffer is >=  length of data returned


myEndpts (4).XferData(rxBuffer,length(data))

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Hello Everybody
I have problem,
Why when I write in matlab devList.Item(0), matlab works no longer?

Without this feature you can not continue to work.

Does anyone have a solution for this?

I thank you in advance.

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 Thank you very much ilw.


JoBlack you have to download new CyUSB.dll. It is the one for FX3 (FX2LP is suported). It can be found here Under UsbSuite driver....


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