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CYPRESS.MCU files used with ASEM.exe | Cypress Semiconductor

CYPRESS.MCU files used with ASEM.exe

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An employee of our company used the free compiler ASEM.EXE rather than pay for the Keil development software.  I had previously used Keil UV2 for the AnchorChips AN2131 chip.  AnchorChips was absorbed in some fashion by Cypress.  The old employee left our company and now we need to modify the programming, originally for the CY7C64713,   FX chip to run on the a CY7C68XXX FX2LP chip.  When he compiled his program, the first file in the project's .A51 root file is a CYPRESS.MCU file that defines all of the special function registers and XDATA registers that ASEM.exe used to assemble all of the rest of our files into the list, and hex files for our FX processor.

The problem is that we can't get Keil to do the same thing that ASEM.A51 to do, let alone allow us to move forward to USB 2.0 and beyond.

Does anyone have information that can help?  I can be reached at



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Hi Rex,

All our programs are done with Keil software and we recommend the same to our customers. We do not have expertise on ASEm software and how it is working. We do not have CYPRESS.MCU files used with ASEM.exe. 





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I can send it to you, if you would like to see it.  I have pasted the first part of it below. 

IOA    DATA     080h        ; Port A (bit addressable)
SP    DATA    081h
DPL     DATA     082h
DPL0     DATA     082h
DPH    DATA     083h
DPH0     DATA     083h
DPL1     DATA     084h
DPH1     DATA     085h
DPS    DATA     086h
PCON    DATA     087h

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I am trying to get macros to expand in .A51 files.  I have a single file that I choose when making a UV project.  The files include standard macro definitions and I thought I was properly calling the macros from within the other files.  Backing up just a little, the macros are defined in two different .A51 files but they are called in other files in the top level list.

I can't figure out where I am messing up.  Please help.

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