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CY7C68320C and JBOD Problem | Cypress Semiconductor

CY7C68320C and JBOD Problem

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We are hooking up an 8 Terabyte JBOD box to the 68320C-100 and seeing a problem.

The JBOD is seen correctly when we hook it up directly thru ESATA. Windows 7 sees 4 drive letters (4 partitions) and each partition is 2 TB and reports them as healthy.

When we hook it up thru USB however, Windows 7 only reports two drive letters and that the first two partitions are healthy (4 TB), . Windows 7 then asks if we want to format the last 2 partitions ( 4 TB). By hooking up a SATA analyzer, we were able to determine that the last two drives are never accessed. It looks like accesses to the third and fourth drives are "wrapping" around.

Has anyone seen this behavior? It looks like LBAs that are greater than 4 TB wrap around.



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