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CY7C68013A question

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I am trying to develop a project for receiving on a PC DVB-T2 signals in diversity mode. I have two sets of TSDATA, TSVALID, TSCLK, and TSERR. Since I am a quite a newbie in programming, please help me with this issue. Can these two sets of signals be handled by a single CY7C68013A? Is there any application note or any kind of document handling a similar issue? Can you reccomend me a Development Kit to start? Thank you.

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1166 posts and are the 2 DVB-T based RDKs that we've.

When you say 2 sets of TSDATA, TSVALID etc are you talking about 2 sets of 8-bit databus and flow control signals??

If that is the case what is the bandwidth requirement of your product?



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