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CY7C68013A : problem in detection | Cypress Semiconductor

CY7C68013A : problem in detection

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I have developed a board in which I have used EZ-USB FX2LP dveice CY7C68013A for data transfer from HOST PC to FPGA. I am facing problem in device detection on the host pc (Windows XP).

As I connect the USB cable between CPU and the board on the computer there is no notification pop up for deveice detection. When I look into the device manager window the device pannel is getting refreshed continuously.

I have checked all the voltage leves required on critical pins thoroughly as per the guideline provided in documents.

Please assist in this regard.

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   我用68013A-100这个芯片,想把端口配置成 ISO 传输模式,可是,配置寄存器EPXCFG之后,用你们的开发工具CONTROL PANNAL 中的GET PIPES,

Pipe:  0   Type: BLK Endpoint:  2 OUT  MaxPktSize: 0x200
Pipe:  1   Type: BLK Endpoint:  6 IN   MaxPktSize: 0x200



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