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CY7C68013A interfacing MPEG TS | Cypress Semiconductor

CY7C68013A interfacing MPEG TS

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We are working on CY7C68013A to connect to MPEG TS. However, when we run the AN58069 with Free running MPEG example code. We then record the MPEG TS with modified Streamer C# program. But there are a lot of errors in the MPEG TS file we have recorded.

We also tried reading 512 bytes from the endpoint with libusb. However, even in one 512 bytes packet read there are errors between the MPEG TS packets with length 188 byte......

How is the data in CY7C68013A buffered and written to the RAM. What happens on overflow ?






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Hello Todor,

Please refer to the Technical Reference Manual(TRM) I am attaching along with this response. Please refer chapter 8 in TRM how CY7C68013A is buffered.
Q)What exactly do you mean by overflow ? 
A)I assume you are referring to the scenario where the data stream is faster than host requesting the data.If yes then there is chance of loss of data. 

I believe you have created a Tech support case. We will continue to interact in the case.



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