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CY7C68013A : EZ-USB FX2 packet data is lost 512*N byte data | Cypress Semiconductor

CY7C68013A : EZ-USB FX2 packet data is lost 512*N byte data

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Hi all,

I created the system that 4k byte data is transferred through EZ-USB bulk transfer. FPGA (target side) create 4k byte data created and host side received data.

But we sometimes found that EZ-USB FX2 packet data is lost 512*N byte data. And packet reading time is sometimes takes 100msec or more. (usual case average is 16-17msec)

EZ-USB FX2 has two 512 byte buffer that is used as FIFO. I guess to have it overwritten unexpectedly.

This same experience that someone for?

And how you resolved?


The following are the details.
FPGA: Actel APA-450-BG456
Driver: Windows almost as a sample using the Bulk Transfer
USB Target: 512byte * 2 FIFO memory used in

System Specifications
• USB Bulk Transfer
• Baud rate is about 2Mbps
• FPGA allows every 16msec burn data to create a 4K SRAM save nearly
• FPGA look at the USB Overflow flag Overflow if not designed to write data
• Host-side applications, a simple data earnestly Read

worrisome phenomenon
• The data of received at the host is 512*N bytes lost
• Read by the host, but sometimes time-consuming than the 100msec

Read the host side code
    h->overlappedIn.Internal = 0;
    success = ReadFile(h->handleIn,
    if (!success) {
        if ( GetLastError() != ERROR_IO_PENDING ) {
            DebugVal("ReadFile Error = %d", GetLastError(), DEBUG_LEVEL_ERR);
            return DEV_DEVICE_IO_ERROR;
    waitResult = WaitForSingleObject(h->overlappedIn.hEvent,timeOut);
    if (waitResult == WAIT_TIMEOUT) {
        DebugMsg("ReadFile Error = WAIT_TIMEOUT", DEBUG_LEVEL_ERR);
        return DEV_TIMEOUT;


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I have similar if not exact setup and see the same intermittent errors.  Interested to see solution.

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What is the type of endpoint used? Is flow control used on the FPGA-FX2LP interface i.e. check if buffer is available before sending data.



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