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CY7C68001 USB chip for 64bit OS | Cypress Semiconductor

CY7C68001 USB chip for 64bit OS

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I used CY7C68001 chip and ezusbdriver for my product.

At that time we jest supported 32bit OS system.

Now I have to support 64bit OS, and I downloaded Cypress Suite USB 3.4.2 .

My old project used Win32API, and I success to creatfile function using symbolic link.

Now I can't use DeviceIOControl because of header file.

I used ezusbsys.h file for deviceiocontrol.

There are some defines like "IOCTL_Ezusb_GET_PIPE_INFO", "IOCTL_Ezusb_GET_DEVICE_DESCRIPTOR"..etc,.
and I think cyioctl.h is the file waht is instead of ezusbsys.h.

However there are different defines. I don't know how to control USB IC using new driver on my old project.

If you have any idea for guiding me, please let me know.

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