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Create USB Audio Interface with PSoC Creator | Cypress Semiconductor

Create USB Audio Interface with PSoC Creator

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Hi everybody,

I'm working with the PSoC Creator 1.0 on a Cy8CKIT_014 PSoC 5 FirstTouch Starter Kit and at the moment I'm trying to implement an USB audiodevice on this PSoC.

PSoC Creator has an user module called USBFS which, as far as I understand it, helps you implementing USB endpoints. In the datasheet of this module there is an example for emulating a 3-buttom-USB-mouse on a PSoC. I tryied this an it works perfectly.

However I would now like to implement an USB-audio-device with at least one channel for the input and one for the output of audio data. It seems that the USBFS-module supports audio deviced, like it supports HIDs. But I found no examples, ANs or tutorials how to implement USB-audio. There are a lot of different options and parameters and I was not able to figure out, what most of them are for.

Does anyone have experience with this, know any examples or ANs? I would appreciate every help you can offer to point me in the right direction. Right now I have no real clue how to start, at least no other than randomly change the parameters and see what happens.

Tanks a lot.

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